You Can Help

Your Nelson Farm HOA has one open position on the Board, now open because a member moved out of Nelson Farm. We really need someone to step forward in service to our neighborhood and community.

The term of this Board position ends at the NFHOA Annual Meeting, Feb 2021, a little more than a one-year commitment. This vacancy can be filled by Board appointment right now.

Please join us in service to our neighborhood. The Board has just 6 meetings a year, some email correspondence, and a general interest in preserving the community.

Two additional three-year Board positions will become open at our February 2020 Annual Meeting, when we will hold elections. Please give these openings some thought now while you have time to ask questions of others who are or have been Board members.
If you have questions and/or are want to serve, CONTACT YOUR HOA BOARD via, or email the Board President, Marshall Flug, at