NFHOA New Year 2023 News

To all Nelson Farm Homeowners, here are a few items that as homeowners you should be aware of. This message is intended to provided you with some advance notice of important items.

Upcoming Annual 2023 Homeowners Meeting for NFHOA

The Annual Homeowners Meeting is scheduled for February 23, 2023 starting by 6:00 pm as a “Zoom” only meeting. The details for this meeting as well as a homeowners packet for the meeting will be mailed out to each homeowner soon.

Openings on the BOARD in 2023

There are several BOARD positions open starting with the Annual Meeting. Please give these positions some serious thought so that we can vote, elect, and fill all positions at the Annual meeting. Open positions include two (2) three-year terms and one (1) one-year term (elected people are eligible to run and serve again at the expiration of their term). Open positions are elected as Board Members, and then the Board decides upon who will serve in officer positions for the year. If you have any questions please reach out to any Board member or to Associa with questions or inquiry. An interest form will be included in the mailing package for the meeting, but you do not need to wait for that. You can reach the Board and Associa in one email by using the “Contact the Board” at our website.

NFHOA management changes

Once again there are changes within our management company, Associa Colorado. Our community manager was Tera, but she is no longer with Associa. Our new community manager is going to be Aimee Parker, but for now Jenny Singleton is filling in while training Aimee. Also and as a first point of contact, Devin Killiri, our assistant community manager remains available as someone you can contact. FYI, Devin is the person you submit forms to for an Architectural Review (ARC), The forms and located on the TownSq website. You can always use the general office phone number for Associa, 970.407.9990.

Bank and ACH Direct Debit changes

Associa has made changes to the bank that is used to collect homeowner payments and manage community funds. You should have received a notice of this information. This information is posted as two items dated 12/16/2022 on the TownSq website, one under News & Events, and the other under Documents. I expect this topic to be mentioned at the Annual Meeting and sent later in the year with the 2023 invoice for NFHOA dues.

Communication with you

All homeowners should be signed up at both of our electronic email with our website at and to Associa Colorado’s TownSq (instructions are included with your invoice). Both of these websites contain useful homeowner information, our covenants, instructions for contacting the Board or Associa, forms to submit for an Architectural Review (ARC), notices of activities in Nelson Farm, and a calendar of pool hours and events. The ARC continues to fully function during these times, and homeowners are still responsible for submitting modifications to the outside of their homes.

Let us hear from you

The BOARD and Associa can be reached by the contact information on either web site. If there is something you need us to discuss or take action on, please let us know in a timely fashion. You can easily use the “Contact The Board” links on our website to send a message to the entire Board including our Community Managers.

Happy and Healthy New Years 2023,

Marshall Flug, President and NFHOA Board