August News – Pool and HOA

Pool Hour Schedule Changes Because of the new PSD late release schedule for high schools, once school starts pool hours will change:
Earlier opening: 10:30am-6:30pm Aug 19-23
Much later opening and later closing: 4:30-8pm Aug 26-30

Open Position on the NFHOA BOARD We still have one open position on the NFHOA Board. This is a great opportunity for another homeowner to step forward and volunteer to fill this position. The Board position is a good opportunity for a newer homeowner in Nelson Farm to get involved with the oversight of the HOA. The Board has just 6 meetings a year, some email correspondence, and general interest in preserving the community. For questions or to express your interest you can Contact the Board via the website, or email the President, Marshall Flug, at This is a great opportunity to try out the Board position before the Annual Meeting when we will hold elections to fill probably three positions.

FAQs Take a look at the FAQs were recently posted to the website. Krista Chacko put the initial pieces together, and then Glenn Gray linked all the references to our governing documents on the website.

Kudos What makes Nelson Farm great are the homeowners who respect their neighbors and go the extra mile to communicate about possible temporary disturbances. David and Paula Roberts had their daughter deliver a short note alerting neighbors that extra cars would be parked in the area during a recent wedding at their home. This little extra effort goes a long way to keep all of us happy and aware of Nelson Farm events. Thanks David, Paula and Ailee.

Trash Cans Please make an effort to keep your trash can off of sidewalks so walkers, especially those with strollers, and school children can safely navigate by your home. The bins are best placed on the street next to the curb. Thanks for paying attention to this, especially as the new school year will begin soon.
Roofing replacements Many homes will be or already have begun to have roofs replaced, due to the July 5th hailstorm. A reminder that this is an item that is subject to ARC approval as it is a structural change to the exterior of the home. It is a pretty routine item to submit and is quickly approved, subject to any radical color or material change.

Ongoing HOA items
The Nelson Farm sign at Springwood and Lemay is still slated for refurbishing; hopefully very soon. We are just waiting for this to fall into place in the sign company’s schedule.
The Pool Shade structures took serious destruction during the July 5th hailstorm. We are accepting bids to replace these with metal and are also considering having volunteer homeowners do the replacement (as was done with the current plastic panels). It really just takes a ladder, a drill with a nut drive (1/4”) and a few hours. If you are handy, interested and willing, you can Contact the Board via the website form or email the President, Marshall Flug, at We’ll do the installation in spring 2020, before the pool opens.
Tennis courts: We are in the process of getting bids to repair the extensive cracks on the tennis courts. Hopefully we can get this filled in before winter arrives and creates more extensive damage to the courts.

Hope you are enjoying the summer as the pool season winds down!
Your NFHOA President on behalf of the NFHOA Board,
Marshall Flug


HOA positions open + news

Open Positions on the NFHOA BOARD and ARC

We now have one open position on the NFHOA Board and one open spot on the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). These openings are due to Jimmy and Kristee Jones moving out of NF. These are great opportunities for other homeowners to step forward and volunteer to fill these positions. ARC member responsibilities usually take less than an hour a month to complete and the work is completed via email.

The Board position is a good opportunity for a newer Nelson Farm homeowner to get involved with the HOA. The Board meets just 6 times a year, conducts business via email between Board meetings, and generally works to preserve the quality of the neighborhood.

To ask questions or express interest in either position, please

It would be great to have your interest reply ASAP as the Board meets this coming Monday, July 22.

 July 4 Pool Party = Success! Thanks to all

Our Annual Independence Day Pool Party and BBQ was a huge success.  This only happens because we have some great homeowners that came forward to volunteer their time and planning to make this event great. Two Board members, Ted Bender and Steve Williams, took over the reins and found lots of others to help out.  Casey Cash took on a huge role in purchasing all the food and drinks, toys and candy; and also helped with setup and grilling. Others who grilled were Ted, Steve, Soren Dauugaurd, and Matt Miltenburg. Many of these same people also helped with setup and cleanup, as well as Wade Hancock and Marshall Flug. Susie Bender put together the giant Twister game, bought the paints and Casey did the painting. The lifeguards planned and ran the games, decorated the pool, and made sure the kids had a great time.

If you get the chance, please thank all the volunteers for this event.

The homeowners who participated also did a great job providing side dishes and desserts. Thank you!



Your NFHOA Board will meet at 6pm, Monday, July 22, at the Associa office, 1063 West Horsetooth Road Suite 100, Fort Collins, CO 80526

Nelson Farm HOA residents are always welcome at Board meetings. Comments and questions to your HOA Board will be taken at the beginning of the meeting. Some additional updates might be forthcoming following this meeting.


We will soon be adding a new “Frequently Asked Questions” page to our website. It will highlight those HOA rules and regulations that have been most often ignored or violated and will hopefully clarify some commonly used HOA procedures. Of course, the Covenants and Amendments provide the complete set of HOA rules that help make Nelson Farm a great neighborhood, and help all of us keep it that way.

If you have misplaced your Nelson Farm Spring 2019 Newsletter, that is also available on our website

Wishing everyone a great rest of the summer!
Your NFHOA President on behalf of the NFHOA Board,
Marshall Flug