NFHOA Annual Meeting – 6:30pm Feb 17

Nelson Farm HOA Annual Meeting will be 6:30pm President’s Day Feb 17 at Shepardson STEM Elementary, 1501 Springwood Drive.
Details will be arriving in your mailbox soon.

Please consider volunteering and running for one of the three (3) vacant Board positions.

Thank you,

NFBOARD and Associa Colorado

City Inspector: ‘Shoveling sidewalks keeps neighbors safe’

from Justin Moore, City of Fort Collins senior code compliance inspector. He can be reached at 970-224-6046.

The “Farmers’ Almanac” is predicting a frigid and snowy winter, with an “above-average” amount of snowfall in Colorado. Whether or not this prediction ultimately holds true for Fort Collins, community members should be ready and aware of their responsibilities regarding snow removal.

Sidewalks in the public right-of-way must be shoveled and sufficiently cleared within 24 hours after the accumulation of snow and ice stops.

This applies to any amount of snowfall and/or ice, as even light coverage can pose a potential hazard to the public.

Failure to sufficiently clear the snow within 24 hours may result in property owners being charged for the snow removal. That said, properties will receive one warning per season if sidewalks are not cleared within 24 hours of a snow event before any charges are incurred.

While it is decidedly less expensive to clear the snow yourself as opposed to receiving a bill from a city contractor, the true motivator for most people regarding snow removal is community safety and neighborhood livability.

Letting new neighbors know about snow removal requirements by speaking with them or leaving a friendly note is also encouraged and further enhances the quality of life in your community.

Once 24 hours have passed following a snow accumulation, you can call the Nuisance Hotline at 970-416-2200 to report any observed hazards, or submit a request at

A few tips to help keep your sidewalk safe:

  • ❚ If ice is present, apply snow-melt, sand or kitty litter.
  • ❚ If your property abuts an alley, please shovel to the middle of the alley.
  • ❚ Clearing the sidewalk is much easier before it has been packed down by pedestrian traffic or vehicle tires.
  • ❚ If you are leaving town, please make arrangements with relatives, friends or neighbors – and perhaps offer to return the favor.
  • ❚ Even if the wind blows snow back onto your sidewalk after you’ve cleared it, you’re responsible to keep the surface clear and safe.
  • ❚ If city plows cover your sidewalk with snow, call the Streets Department at 970221-6615 for assistance.

If you have questions or are experiencing ongoing issues around snow removal or sidewalk snow maintenance, feel free to contact your neighborhood’s Code Compliance inspector at 970-224-6046, who will be happy to assist you.

Wanted: Toys for Tots

Hello Neighbors,

The Holiday Season is quickly approaching!

This year, Associa will be teaming up with *Toys for Tots* to bring the joy of the Holidays and send a message of hope to Colorado’s less fortunate youth. A Toys for Tots collection box is currently located at the Fort Collins Associa Office, — 1063 W. Horsetooth, Suite 100 — and will be through the month of December. Our mission is to fill the box with unwrapped toys so that they may be distributed to children across the Front Range.

We would like to extend an invitation to all community members to participate in this year’s Toys for Tots Holiday drive. Any contribution, big or small, can make a difference for kids along the Front Range this Holiday Season. Thank you, and

Happy Holidays

You Can Help

Your Nelson Farm HOA has one open position on the Board, now open because a member moved out of Nelson Farm. We really need someone to step forward in service to our neighborhood and community.

The term of this Board position ends at the NFHOA Annual Meeting, Feb 2021, a little more than a one-year commitment. This vacancy can be filled by Board appointment right now.

Please join us in service to our neighborhood. The Board has just 6 meetings a year, some email correspondence, and a general interest in preserving the community.

Two additional three-year Board positions will become open at our February 2020 Annual Meeting, when we will hold elections. Please give these openings some thought now while you have time to ask questions of others who are or have been Board members.
If you have questions and/or are want to serve, CONTACT YOUR HOA BOARD via, or email the Board President, Marshall Flug, at