Thanksgiving Message

To all Nelson Farm Homeowners, we trust that you and your family are healthy and staying safe during this pandemic year. We wish you a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving, celebrating with care.

Unfortunately, there are those in our community and northern Colorado that have suffered financially and may be struggling to making ends meet. To all of you that are more fortunate, please consider increasing your contributions this year, making an additional donation, or give a first time donation to any of the several worthwhile organizations in our area.

You might consider the following: The Larimer County Food Bank, The Salvation Army, or any worthwhile charitable organization of your choice. There are also several nearby churches that collect and distribute food, meals, clothing, and money that you might consider.

If you know of a neighbor in need, please reach out and offer your assistance if you can. As we celebrate Thanksgiving and as the year rapidly comes to an end, please consider making a healthy donation to the charitable organizations that serve our community.

Best regards for a healthy holiday and end-of-year season,


HOA News and Thank Yous

Nelson Farm Homeowners, this is finally a chance to provide some news and information that is not directly related to the pool opening, reservations, and operation. There are so many other items that get fixed, repaired, and maintained by volunteers either serving on the Board or just homeowners who step up to help.

All of these volunteer contributions go a very long way to keep our assets in great shape while saving you and the NFHOA lots of money. In many situations, homeowner volunteers have gone ahead to purchase some expensive items, and then wait to get reimbursed from our accounts with Associa. Please read through this list of work items and volunteers, and when you get the chance thank those that are mentioned.

We were fortunate to get the roof panels on the pool shade structures replaced, with metal this time, as part of our insurance claim for the pool house roof damaged in last July 5’s hailstorm. There were a handful of homeowners who had already volunteered to replace the shade structures. I am glad we did not need to call on any of us this time.

Regarding the two canvas round mushroom shade structures on the east side of the pool. Most pool goers have no idea how these covers get put up, taken down, cleaned, and stored every year. Glenn and Judy Gray have done this for many years, and have also had to reinstall them during pool season when they get blown off in a bad windstorm. I found them putting these up this year as soon as notice was sent out that the pool was going to open. No phone call needed. They just care about NF and wanted to help get the pool ready for opening day. I know they also take care of putting up the shower curtains in the bathrooms and many other often overlooked items.

Pool surface drain cover grates that run across the north end of the pool were in need of replacement. I had spent some time last year trying to find these with no luck. Glenn Gray spent lots more time on this, stumbled upon a vendor who identified the manufacturer. He then found a supplier, placed the order, paid for and picked up the replacements. He has been reimbursed, of course.

Pool fence repairs: This project is a holdover from last year when a few homeowners had responded and offered to help. The Board finally got this project going and a small work party went to work on June 14. Steve Williams led the charge for the Board, identified and marked the fence pickets that needed replacement, purchased some needed supplies and then had to run out to get some extra pickets. The bulk of the fence pickets were delivered to us by A Plus Fence at a discount price. Although I know other homeowners would have helped out on this if aske4d, we intentionally kept the group down to a limited size. Thanks go out to Board Members Steve Williams, Marshall Flug, Doug Hagaman, and homeowners Harvey Hotto and Russ Smith. The few hours and sweat that this group put in hopefully bought several more years of life into what will eventually be an expensive fence to replace.

The tennis court cracks and surface were professionally sealed this June at considerable expense, but a necessary maintenance item. However, the nets need continuous repairs and one of the windscreens needed replacement. Marshall Flug purchased these items last fall, but we waited until this spring to install these items. Homeowners and tennis players Mike Fink and Ed Fletcher put up the shade panel and replaced the webbing on the entire east court net. I know Ed is tending to the other net until we need to get that webbing replaced.

New swimming pool lane lines were just ordered. The Board approved this item but held any purchase at bay until we had the pool open. Sarah Putman did some of the leg work finding the new lane lines, paid out of pocket for this big-ticket item, and now is waiting for reimbursement. Our older lane lines were starting to fall apart, shedding small pieces of plastic, and are taking an additional beating this year with the “reduced risk swim” sessions.

Thanks go out to Anita Bleem who has annually gardened and tended to the flowers around our Nelson Farm sign at the corner of Lemay and Springwood. This year she completely replaced the flowers to enhance the newly refurbished sign.

The Board exchanged countless emails, discussions, and looked at different reservation systems before settling on what we now have. Steve Williams went above and beyond to get the SignUpGenius pool reservation system set up and working for NFHOA. Steve also put out the yellow social distance spacing markers. Krista Chacko, Steve Williams, and Sarah Putman all helped to make the wifi hot spot at the pool a reality. This was needed for the lifeguards to be able to access the reservation system. More about the NFHOA Board is reserved for the next news post.

For now, I do want to just thank those homeowners that stepped up recently to volunteer for vacant Board positions. More on this in a future news post.

A few last thank you’s. Hopefully I have not left anyone out. Thanks to Splash and the lifeguards for working with us on our schedule of opening and working to keep us all safe. Also, our thanks go out to Jenny Singleton, Stephannie Hairston, and Emily Ramirez, all from Associa Colorado who worked with us closely during this stay-at-home period, helping us communicate and understand our liabilities and responsibilities.

Marshall Flug