Pool Opening Delayed

Your Nelson Farm HOA Board met via teleconference last night (May 12) and would like to provide you with an update.

When Will the Pool Open? Not sure…

During this pandemic, Colorado is enforcing the “Level2: Safer at Home” public health order which prohibits pools from opening at the present time. We anticipate some changes to state-issued public orders by the end of May. The NFHOA Board is planning to meet again on May 27 to discuss the possibilities for opening the pool. It is likely that additional health and safety precautions will be necessary when/if the pool opens, including limiting the number of people allowed in the pool area, requiring elements of social distancing, etc. Of course, all new rules will be adopted in an effort to safeguard homeowners, lifeguards, and guests. Another update will be sent out the day after the May 27 Board meeting and posted to both NelsonFarmHOA.com and TownSq.

Nevertheless, the pool is currently being readied for opening. Splash Pool Services is functioning and has hired our lifeguards for the season just as it has in the past. The swim team, Nelson Farm Gators, hopes to go forward as usual with its swim season. Swim team information will be updated soon on the Gators website.

NFHOA Communications

Please share this news with your neighbors and encourage them to register at both websites, NelsonFarmHOA.com and Associa Colorado’s TownSq, both essential communication channels for NF homeowners to stay informed during this pandemic. As previously reported, there will not be the usual summer Nelson Farm Newsletter mailed as there’s too much unknown and undecided at this point.

All homeowners should be registered at both of our websites, NelsonFarmHOA.com and TownSq. Both websites contain useful homeowner information, HOA covenants, the means to contact the Board or Associa, our Architectural Review (ARC) form, notices of Nelson Farm activities, and a calendar of pool hours and events.

The ARC continues to fully function during these times, and homeowners are still responsible for requesting approval for modifications to home exteriors, including re-roofing.

The Board and Associa are still here and can be contacted through our websites. If there is something you want us to consider, please let us know. We will provide further updates as we know more.

Stay healthy, NFHOA Board

HOA Board: News and Unknowns

by Marshall Flug, Board President on behalf of the NFHOA Board

Greetings, all. With all of the changes in our day-to-day lives, I hope and trust that everyone is staying safe, healthy and practicing social distancing.

I would like to update Nelson Farm homeowners with HOA information, both what we know and what we don’t know.

The Board will not USPS mail the annual spring Nelson Farm Newsletter until we know more about social distancing requirements.

The NFHOA Board met via teleconference on March 24 and conducted a lot of business. We are again scheduled to meet/teleconference on May 12 and hopefully can make some firm decisions at that time, if not beforehand. The Board works well together via email between BOARD Meetings.

2020 Board of Directors

President, Marshall Flug; Vice President, Doug Hagaman; Treasurer, Krista Chacko; Secretary, Anne Berry; Directors: Steve Williams, Jami Jensrud, and Gretchen Stanford. Associa Colorado: Although working from home during this critical time, Associa’s Jenny Singleton and Stephannie Hairston continue to serve NF, assisted as necessary by other Associa personnel.

NFHOA Communications

It might be difficult to get a meaningful newsletter out in a timely fashion once we know enough to put it all together. Therefore, I encourage everyone to make sure you are registered on our website at nelsonfarmhoa.com. If you received this post via email, you are registered. If you have neighbors who did not receive this via email, please forward this email and encourage them to register.

I also encourage you to register at Associa Colorado’s website TownSq (instructions were included with your invoice).

Both websites contain useful homeowner information, HOA covenants, instructions for contacting the Board or Associa, forms to submit for an Architectural Review (ARC), notices of NFHOA activities, and a calendar of pool hours and events.

The ARC continues to fully function during these times and homeowners are still required to request approval for modifications to the outsides of their homes, including re-roofing.

The Annual Membership Meeting and BOARD Elections were held on Feb 17. Thank you to all who attended and for others who provided proxies. We all should thank those that left the Board and to those newly elected. Leaving the Board were Vice President, Ted Bender; our Treasurer, Jon Sawyer; and Director, Jimmy Jones, whose position was vacant from when he moved out of our neighborhood. We all are fortunate to have other homeowners step in and volunteer time and energy in service to our neighborhood.

Architectural Review Committee (ARC), provides homeowners with very timely review or feedback of submitted ARC Forms for any changes to the exterior of a property. Our thanks continue to go out to Diane Gaede, Glenn Gray, and Dave Meyer for serving on our ARC. As a reminder, homeowners are required to submit a request to the ARC prior to undertaking work for external changes to their home, landscaping, painting of the house, roof replacement, etc. The ARC requirements and submittal form are available on both websites.


Work has begun to ready the pool for opening. Our pool services provider, Splash, was advised by the County and City to prepare to open up pools as usual. This is needed just to maintain the pool and keep the water clean.

When will we open? Hopefully, like always, Memorial Day weekend. The BOARD will further assess this at our May Board Meeting. Everything, of course, will be subject to County and City dictates and/or guidelines. It is certainly possible that the pool opening will be delayed and may not even open at all in 2020. We just do not know at this time. Like you and everyone else, all we can do is hope and do the best we can to stay safe and well.

Tennis Courts

Please continue to practice social distancing while using the NF Tennis Courts.

Crack repairs are scheduled for June.

We need a volunteer (or two or three) to replace a net and install a missing section of windscreen. Both have been purchased and are ready to go. Are you? Please use the Contact the Board form at nelsonfarmhoa.com to volunteer. And THANK YOU!

Other Maintenance

  1. The pool house roof and all the shade structures will be replaced. That July 5 hailstorm left a lot of damage in its wake. We’re working through issues involving both our insurance carrier and the roofer but hope to have the work completed soon.
  2. If you walk the east side of the pool fence along the Power Trail, you will notice that the overgrown pyracantha bushes (plus a nasty variety of weeds and volunteer trees, shrubs, etc) are gone. The ground was graded and seeded with native grass. Definitely a cleaner look!
  3. The Nelson Farm sign by the tennis courts was blown down in a windstorm last fall and now is back up, but unfortunately a little too low to the ground. We plan to reinstall.
  4. We still would like to do some routine maintenance and replace several boards on the fence surrounding the pool. These chores will now have to wait until the social distancing is removed.

Lastly, your NFHOA Board and Associa are still here and can be reached via the contact information on either website. If there is something you need the Board to discuss or act on, please let us know. The Board has worked on several other issues and items of business, but I have tried to cover the important items in this communication.

Once again: TAKE CARE!