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2020 Swim Team

Thank you for your interest in the Nelson Farm Swim Team. We are no longer accepting swimmers for this summer. We have met our capacity for the total number of swimmers we can have this year. Please check back next year.

COVID Regulations

  1. If your child is sick in ANY way, please have him/ her stay home.
  2. Your swimmer MUST wear a mask when entering the pool AND when leaving the pool, always.
  3. We will ask a variety of COVID questions at every single practice.
  4. Parents are NOT allowed to be inside the pool area.  You can stay in your car or be outside of the fence.  If you have any specific concerns regarding this rule, please talk to Sarah Putman, Melissa Willey or Coach Kyle Steitz.
  5. When swimmers enter the pool area, once they have been checked in, there will be a specific area for them to place their bags, as bags will be separated out as well.
  6. Swimmers are to leave the pool area as soon as practice is over. There is a ten-minute break to allow entering and exit space. Swimmers need to remain outside the gate spaced from each other until they are allowed in the pool area.
  7. Bathrooms will remain closed, but if there is an emergency, Kyle, Alex, Josh, Sarah or Melissa will be in attendance to let them use the bathroom.
  8. We are going to follow the Larimer county rules regarding how many swimmers per lane. During practice time, some swimmers may be in the water while others are doing some dry land practice.


As of the end of June, we are not able to hold any meets this summer.

To find out more about the Nelson Farm Gators swim team contact:

Sarah Putman



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